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About Xenos


Founded in 1993, Xenos Bioresources was organized with the objective of providing the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, xenos-logoveterinary and nutraceutical industries with the best available products to meet their sourcing needs. In 2014 both Xenos Bioresources and Xenos Nutraceuticals merged to form Xenos Inc. Xenos Inc. has worked hard to assemble a global network of manufacturers that can supply todays top notch ingredients to your business. Xenos can respond to our customers’ diverse needs with innovation, due diligence, and the highest of quality products available.

Xenos Quality

Xenos offers several quality products from manufacturers all over the world that were intensley scrutenized often to the highest of pharmaceutical standards. Sourcing nutraceuticals or FDA approved pharmaceutical API’s Xenos always puts quality first. In todays world suppliers cannot be too careful where they source ingredients. Xenos stands behind our products we sell and if it does not meet our standards…we will not source it.